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A group dedicated to the education, preservation, and demonstration of handmade lace skills, techniques, and styles.
We meet regularly to promote the study of lace and the preservation of lacemaking skills. The year 2021 marked our 40th year as a chartered chapter of the International Organization of Lace, Inc. (IOLI).  At our meetings members make lace employing various techniques, bring examples of antique lace, and share information about different types of lace and/or their completed projects.

Most members are interested in a number of arts and join to learn more about lacemaking in particular. Through our chapter and membership in the IOLI, we can preserve these techniques, make them known to others, and pass along these skills.

Some lacemaking skills are shared and passed on informally at the meetings one-on-one with a member teaching a newcomer. Members often attend other local chapter lace days and workshops or offer demonstrations at local festivals. The chapter occasionally hosts workshops or a teacher for a day of specific study.

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